Monday, October 21, 2013

Bees In Ellabel

A sneak peak from the rear view of a shed wall that 
had fallen under the weight of the honeycomb!
This wall was so heavy!  deWayne and I had to carry it to the front of the building to 
escape the agressiveness of the hive around back.

A pic of the colony from behind, I love this pic of deWayne.

A pic of pollen, brood, honey, and bees!

Two baskets of bees!
The outside wall is a blank canvas now.

Backside cavity empty.

Whew! What a job!




Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bee Assassin

My grandchild, Laura Grace, spotted this Bee Assassin bug killing one of our honeybees!

The Bee Assassin Bug (Apiomerus crassipes)
As its name would likely suggest, the Bee Assassin Bug is commonly reputed to feed on bees. Some notations state that Bee Assassin Bug is a major threat to honey bee populations but we have not yet seen unbiased, research-based findings to support or disclaim this contention. While we have observed Bee Assassin Bugs patrolling flowers, they are mostly seen on leaves and stems—areas not likely to be visited by honey bees. In addition, most insect predators are generalist feeders and honey bees will be taken as prey by Bee Assassin Bugs which are ambush hunters.

Bee Inspiring!

God works in mysterious ways! 
A recent bee job had this posted on the wall, a word of encouragement that we needed.

No, that's not Santa! 
That's my brave little hubby.

The arch was so steep on this roof,
we had to get a ladder while the homeowner held it with his foot.

Back on the ground to gather tools.

With roof opened, now it's time to get the bees. 

What a man!

How cool is this! 

deWayne almost dehydrated on this job.
It was so hot!!

deWayne is cutting out all the honeycomb.

These bees were really gentle.

The honey was delicious!!!
Getting ready to seal the deal,
this four hour job is almost complete.
Ok, so I'm on the ground taking pics of the bee job,
when all of a sudden I capture these two lizards!
Closing up shop!
And dumping them in a box...
Another fine job, Mr. Jaudon!!



Short And Sweet

We received a call from this homeowner stating bees were coming out of the ground. 
By the way, if they're coming out of the ground, it's usually yellow jackets!

deWayne takes a quick look and discovers honeybees
inside the water meter box.

Notice the yellow honeycomb sticking up on the green lid of the water meter.
The honeybees work very fast, and so did we. 
This removal was short and sweet!

Nothing To Do With Bees!

Just had to post this! 
We love us some Duck Dynasty!!

Boogie & Bees

Our grandchild, Boogie, modeling her bee shirt!


Papa's Little Helper

Our grandchild, Laura Grace, helping deWayne with bee boxes!